Who are rehab staff?

There are many roles within a treatment facility which are considered staff positions. You’ll come across aides, nurses, physicians, guards, orderlies, therapists/counselors, activities staff, group leaders and many more depending upon the sort of treatment center you ultimately choose. The reason for a rehab facility will be to provide you with a clean and sober living quarters while addicts recover from the specific physical consequences created by alcohol and drugs as well as teach them life skills to allow them to continue to live clean and sober as soon as rehabilitation has finished.

It usually takes various different staff members to continue to keep this sort of program and every single one is specialized in not just their particular individual duties but to making the treatment process productive for every single individual. To start with you’ll deal with the actual intake staff members which will aid you in getting settled in and then you’ll start to meet and come in contact with other staff which will be there to assist all the way through the program.

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