Whitney Houston

Vocalist and star Whitney Houston had been most popular for her songs, “I Will Always Love You” and “Queen of the Night”. She had an extremely successful career in entertainment, selling out shows globally for quite some time. She completed her big-screen introduction in “The Bodyguard”, opposite Kevin Costner, through which she portrayed a parody involving herself: a extremely thriving pop performer who was simply being stalked by a crazed fan. After she married Bobby Brown, who apparently already dealt with a substance habit that was spiraling uncontrolled; she was stalked by the developing dependence on substances. In a conversation for national television, Whitney was asked pertaining to her drug abuse, and whether or not she had ever consumed crack cocaine. Her response, at present famous, was, “Crack is whack.”

Nonetheless, after years of rumors, the chart-topping entertainer finished her marital relationship and also entered treatment. While she once embraced sobriety and also worked to restore her vocation in the entertainment business, in 2012 she was discovered deceased within a bathtub which was surrounded by empty champagne and beer bottles. Even with her death, her prior fights with drug addiction have once again become the topic of rumor and innuendo.

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