What is The Big Book

Loved by those interested in finishing a 12-step program that will overcome their being addicted to alcohol or other habit-forming substances, The Big Book was authored by Bill W. Bill W. was the first persons in Alcoholic Anonymous. As on the list of initial persons in this group, he aided to discover the 12-steps as we know them now. Inside this book, you can discover not only Bill’s story, but a number of accounts of individuals that state to have efficiently entered rehabilitation while using the steps outlined. The Big Book isn’t a workbook, or even a scriptures. Nevertheless, for someone whose beliefs concur along with those of the writer, the stories usually are positive as well as supportive. One of the ideas specified within The Big Book is the idea that the individual struggling with alcohol addiction cannot enter rehabilitation without acknowledging a superior power, together with the notion in the need to support others who suffer from addiction.

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