Vicodin is Addictive

I had always been curious about Vicodin because Dr. House always took it for the discomfort in his leg on the tv show House. His personality had an habit to the medication after so much use for his persistent pain problem and it usually contributed to his whacky personality and ideas, ideas that always exercised in the long run.

I never desired to use Vicodin like him. I just wanted to find out what it was like, what sort of result it would have on me. Obviously, like all individuals who get their wisdom teeth surgically removed, I had ultimately had the chance. After that operation, I was given Vicodin to a jar to assist with the soreness that might follow the process. And boy did I desire it!

I was not focused on getting addictive like Dr. House, I was just excited to find out what it made me feel like. Of course, for me recovering from the surgery, any strange or new effects were not produced by it, it just made me feel regular as oppose to being in incredible quantities of soreness from the surgery. For the first three days of use, it only helped me to not want to cry. However, as I began to improve I found changes with the use of Vicodin.

After the next evening, I understood that the Vicodin wasn’t doing as much for me personally anymore. I was becoming resistant to it. So, I decided to take more of the drug. And that is when I started to have the euphoria it may make. Vicodin made me feel free and at peace when I took only a bit more than the physician would have loved. But I was at home recuperating form operation therefore I didn’t think it was the big of a deal.

After a week, I was physically back to normal in terms of my surgery. But, I still had Vicodin, and I was still getting it, still abusing it. I might consider more and more so that I can feel that high. There is not truly a means to explain it apart from you feel light and regularly pleased. Since it made me feel so good I began as a new necessity for existence looking at Vicodin. And then my prescription ran out.

Needless to say, there is no refilling the prescription. Once I was away that was it. And thus, I begun to go through withdrawal from Vicodin. This is when I recognized that Vicodin is addicting, more addictive than I could have imagined and I had been addicted. It was like being sick and being extremely angry about it, because of my dependence not being met, I lost my desire, I was trembling and perspiring, I felt angry and irritable, I might not sleep.

After a few times I was entirely back to normal, but with a what it could do and new comprehending of Vicodin. I now recognized Dr. House slightly better, and what I understood scared me a little bit. Vicodin is addictive, and so must other prescription medications be. There are if they want, addiction to be perpetuated by more people individuals out there who can get more of these medicines. And considered to me is awful.

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