SMAST: Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

SMAST can be a good abbreviation meant for Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test. The test is defined as a single doable technique of figuring out a possible alcohol situation. The exam has a series of questions relating to the way of living of a person that drinks. Created to be taken by the drinker, the test directs questions in a yes or no arrangement. With respect to the answers which can be supplied by the taker, a rating will be assessed following the test. A ranking of 0-2 means that no troubles are found, a score of 3 signifies that a few challenges might occur and a score of 4 or more shows signs of major alcohol troubles.

The exam is on hand and can be obtained at nearby treatment facilities and also on the web. A simple search on the internet should deliver many variants of the test. Be honest with your responses or else you cannot receive an accurate assessment. After you have answered the yes or no queries, a scoring tool is available at the conclusion of the test that will help find out your degree of threat.

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