Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse can influence anyone, as well as famous people and politicians. While being prominent does not equate having an addiction, these individuals are constantly under examination so the community tends to know a lot about it. Some of the most surprising news concerning celebrities and drug abuse surrounds the loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, his life came to an end due to prescription drug abuse as the autopsy revealed many medications found throughout his body that caused to his untimely death.

Prescription medications do not work like common recreational drugs. These medications affect the taker by altering the mood or removing pain. However, because of its simple yet powerful manifestations, people who take them usually never want the feeling to disappear. As a result, they take an increasing number of volumes to maximize the results of the drugs. Obviously, with all varieties of abuse there is often a tolerance in which the human body will take no more. In the end, all this results in an overdose.

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