Is there treatment for co-dependency?

I just recently started looking into what specifically co-dependency is, and consequently my answers have scared me. I think everyone has heard of co-dependency, but no one actually understands what it is. Everyone simply jokes concerning when it comes to couples. Everyone will say, “Oh Britney’s bringing Justin as they are co-dependent”. And yeah, your lovers might wind up co-dependent on each other, but the men and women complaining regarding it don’t ultimately recognize the depth of this accusation. Like I said, finding out what co-dependency actually is ended up being horrifying for me. The reason is why is just because reading the thing that co-dependency is described by is truly similar to what I actually do for my boyfriend, Ryan. I recognized that I am co-dependent. That is the reason I’m scared and I do not understand or know what to do because of myself.

I mean, I’m in love with Ryan and it’s normal that I would like to do everything with him, and yet I suppose I am taking it a bit too far. I mean, I simply am at this point where I won’t actually do anything at all without him. I won’t go to an evening meal with other people, I won’t see movies with some other people, I don’t actually want to go to the grocery store or possibly acquire a Starbucks refreshment without him. I want/need him to be able to actually do even the least difficult things together with me in the event I am to accomplish them. And I get out of my way to take care of him when I genuinely don’t have to and also if perhaps it all is actually inopportune and actually bad for me. Yes, it’s sweet to desire to actually do good things regarding your own significant other. But I’m at this level where I may skip work in order to help actually do anything pertaining to him that this guy doesn’t really desire and then I just accept any hassles I get it in. That’s simply not really right.

Clearly, I have a difficult problem, and consequently I ought to have support with this kind of problem. So, is there therapy regarding co-dependency? I’ve been so very covered up inside my pursuit involving what co-dependency is that I haven’t ever looked to find if there can be assistance out there over this. I have got a real difficult disorder and consequently I will need serious, skilled help when it comes to it, I think. Is there therapy for co-dependency? If there is, I want it. I can’t go the rest of my own everyday life as a co-dependent person. I need to adjust and I need to change now. But what precisely will that mean? Does that mean Ryan and I have to split up, that thought is not bearable to me. But then again, possibly after I was getting treated for co-dependency this wouldn’t always be so bad. I don’t know, I feel so lost right now and consequently I just will need help and guidance.

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