Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Studies have shown that there’s a strong link involving eating disorders plus drug addiction. These kind of reports additionally demonstrate that those affected individuals being affected by serious conditions connected with eating disorders may resort to abusing drugs to assist sustain their eating disorder. For instance, take an anorexic female who is dealing with image issues. Consuming stimulant drugs such as cocaine will assist to keep the woman’s bodyweight off since among the side-effects regarding cocaine is weight loss.

Because eating disorders are a mental health condition, folks that have problems with eating disorders and drug addictions should be treated with regard to both illnesses all at once. There isn’t a particular structure in terms of the particular disorders plus up coming habits. The obsession is often a result of the disorder or the other way around. It’s up to a psychologist to decide on the most beneficial strategy for a patient with co-occurring ailments. Managing both ailments concurrently is termed dual diagnosis.

Nonetheless, it’s not necessarily rare for psychiatrists to miss the partnership between the eating disorders and abusing drugs. In case the relationship is not diagnosed, the sufferer will likely be treated for one condition and not one other. When this predicament takes place, it’s very simple for the patient to backslide as soon as therapy regarding one particular problem ends. The good thing is, a lot more awareness is being exposed to the general public with regards to the hazards of eating disorders as well as harmful addictions which may follow as a result. Nevertheless, assuming that the media portrays attractiveness to be a minimum of 5’7 and less than a hundred and fifteen pounds, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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