Drug Abuse and HIV

You will discover a immediate relationship between drug use and HIV. Swapping needles in substance use raises, drastically, the danger for having HIV. HIV is not just caught by way of unprotected sexual activity, it is typically distributed by means of bodily fluids such as the exchange that happens whenever needles are shared.

One of the most commonly used drug associated with HIV can be heroin. Users generally make use of the drug as a result of intravenous means, meaning they’ll use needles to receive the substance into their system by administered it into their veins. Whenever these needles are shared, several different things can often be dispersed, including HIV.

Several heroin users inject heroin with others, which usually give rise to how often of needles remaining shared. This is exactly why a few neighborhood programs present users with brand new needles-to lower the spread of HIV. The best neighborhood program to utilize, even so, is really a therapy or treatment plan to get away heroin and into rehabilitation from heroin addiction.

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