Can drug addicts drink alcohol?

I have a serious kind of question that possibly will sound basic, however if you stop to think about it, it’s a pretty outstanding question. The query is: can drug addicts drink alcohol? Can everyday people that are addicted to drugs or who have been addicted to drugs ingest alcohol without forming an addiction to alcohol? Obviously, there are folks who have difficulties because of drug addictions, whether or not these tend to be in the past or present, everyday. These people might also drink alcohol, an additional addictive substance. Will they develop an addiction to that substance based off of their illegal substance addiction? I’m sure I’m not going to acquire just one response from this. I’m confident there are a number of answers out there and solutions that people would certainly argue over. But what’s the general consensus?

The reason I ask is I have known several illegal substance addicts that started drinking. They both experienced different responses to the alcohol. So currently I feel a little bit bewildered on what the particular answer is to this sort of a question. I had this friend, Adam, who was a using illegal substance abuser when he started to drink somewhat heavily. He was in fact addicted to cocaine and some category of pain killer pills. He had been a splendid person in general, though in cases where he was high on these kinds of things, it was just plain strange. It was crystal clear this individual had a problem and needed help, and yet he wouldn’t go for it and no one came for him. Then he started out drinking. He quickly grew to be an alcoholic as well. Basically, Basically, this person would have to have a particular quantity of cocaine, pain killer pills, and booze daily to be able to function. It ended up being apparent he had harmful addictions to both, and consequently these had to be dealt with inside rehab as co-occurring disorders.

On the other hand, I had another friend, Nicole, who had been a drug addict, went to treatment pertaining to substance addiction, emerged out, proceeded to go right back again to regular life, consumed alcohol in all forms within social settings, and was fine. This is what confuses. She actually went through treatment for an habit forming substance and with regard to this illness of addiction itself. I was under the impression that these people are instructed to avoid all addictive products there after as it could be a lot more probable that these people may grow to be addicted to alcohol themselves. However, However, my friend was and is completely fine. She can perhaps even take in alcoholic beverages heavily at some public settings and indeed be fine.

So, just what is it? Can illegal substance addicts consume alcohol? Is that feasible for some of these men and women to engage in this other addictive substance without becoming addiction? I guess that it’s incredibly likely that dependency will form. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s certain though.

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