Betty Ford

Betty Ford has acquired a lot of recognition being the founder of The Betty Ford Clinic, a recovery center specifically for furnishing treatment for persons experiencing alcohol along with addiction. In addition to this unique achievement, she also served as First Lady of the United States from 1974 until 1977. Even so, her clinic wouldn’t be established until 1982, just after she would overcome her very own addiction to prescriptions medications and alcohol.

Mrs. Ford’s addiction commenced with prescribed drugs for a valid medical condition, a pinched nerve. It wouldn’t be a long time before she turned reliant upon the prescription medication along with alcohol consumption. It was 1978 before her family would intervene. In her own book, she speaks of many components of her unique addiction journey, including the way the medications and alcohol had made her feel. Even though Mrs. Ford has died, her legacy will certainly continue to live on through The Betty Ford Clinic.

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