Anorexia in teenagers

Anorexia in teenagers is a steady problem that has been escalating lately. Several teens are likely to starve themselves because they wrongly feel they really are fat and wish to achieve an outlandish body weight. Body image difficulties are getting to be widespread among the numerous young adults in contemporary society.

The press has been blamed for developing these body image troubles in teens. The impossibly tiny fashion models and stars fill the pages of catalogs and are shown on television screens around the world. They have convinced a lot of teenagers that 100 pounds or much less is the ideal bodyweight and the sole method to be beautiful. Anorexia is really a threatening eating disorder which could result in sickness or loss of life in teens. If you feel your son or daughter is suffering from anorexia, you will need to find professional guidance. Along with the help of a professional, your child can conquer the boundaries that caused anorexia initially.

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