Advice for an Addict

Removing drugs and becoming clean forever isn’t a walk in the park. Some people say that the very first day is often the hardest in regards to becoming clean. While this is true, every day is often a constant battle to maintain sobriety. If you still have not fully gotten off the hook, don’t beat yourself up regarding this. Addiction is a disease, and you can gather up the energy to stop. It is impossible to simply get up one day and say, “Hey, I don’t need to take drugs any longer!” and become sober. It will take determination and hard work to get off addiction.

What you can do is to confide in another person, who is not an addict, about the pending decisions you must make. You can tell your mother and father, a close buddy or even a reverend and make them listen to your story. Somehow, with other people’s support, they will assist you to the correct direction. You also need to find good reason to stop, since many addicts just coast through life without any regard for anything more.

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