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Lortab Addiction Treatment

Lortab addiction has become a serious difficulty within the United States Of America. What is Lortab? Many people know this medication by the name Vicodin. Lortab is merely another brand for this combination of two analgesic medications : Paracetamol and Vicodin. These drugs are opiate… Continue reading

Obtaining 90-day Program

Addictions to drugs and alcohol are a lot more than just issues, they are serious diseases. Addictions are seen by a lot of people as a series of bad choices, but the truth is they are really diseases of the body and head. When an… Continue reading

Outpatient Rehab Treatment

The general image that many individuals have when they feel of rehab therapy is of home rehab therapy. Residential rehab means that patients with addictions move in to a rehabilitation facility, generally in a location that is removed from active areas, and undergo treatment for… Continue reading

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

This is a problem that humans have faced for thousands of years. And the simple truth is it is more than just a problem. Habit is a disease of the body as well as the mind. Addiction is the physical, psychological, and mental need for… Continue reading

Hospital Detox

As it pertains to starting the procedure for recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the first step that really must be taken is the person with the addiction must admit they have a problem and acknowledge they need help with that problem. The following… Continue reading

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