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What is Mephedrone?

As there are always drugs on the market that rise and fall in reputation, there are always new questions being asked by drug consumers who are interested, educators and law enforcement who are attempting to prevent drug use, and by every day people who are… Continue reading

Sex and Love Addiction

When you think of the term “addiction”, you probably picture addictions to cigarettes, addictions to illegal medicines like heroin or drug, addiction to alcohol or alcoholism. You may actually imagine addictions to exercising or purchasing. But, what you probably do not imagine, do not care… Continue reading

The Psychological Dangers of Teen Drug Misuse

It comes as not surprising that teens experiment with drug substances. The main teenage years is experimentation and also dealing with desires to rebel and become their own individuals. Occasionally they believe that making use of drugs is just a way to be their own… Continue reading

Holidays and Alcohol

Throughout the year we observe numerous holidays with our families and friends. These vacations bring all of us together in good spirits with good food and traditions to provide thanks and to recognize our different presents. As splendid as this explanation makes holidays seem, the… Continue reading

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