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Confronting my disease

Many men and women find it difficult dealing with his / her ailment together with realizing they may currently have an drug addiction. It is easy to get started alcohol consumption or perhaps doing illegal drugs without noticing the clutch they begin to take on… Continue reading

Cannabis and Drug Rehab Treatment

The leaves of the cannabis or hemp plant can be cut, dried, and rolled into cigarettes or inserted into food and beverages. Marijuana, pot, grass, reefer and Mary Jane are the different names given to this kind of plant in North America. It is called… Continue reading

Rihanna Rehab

Although pop sensation Rihanna is known for a number of her ballads, the tune “Rehab” created splash for all the entirely wrong reasons. The timing of the release created a media frenzy and everybody was attempting to understand the meaning driving the words. The singer… Continue reading

What is Basic Text?

Basic Text was made to support individuals dealing with substance abuse. It provides understanding and desire to the individual that will be attempting to look for assistance. Made by Jimmy K, who founded Narcotics Anonymous, this content is very comparable to that found at Alcoholics… Continue reading

Finding drug programs in Florida

There are various drug treatment facilities in Florida for people who are troubled with addiction. There are actually dozens of centers based across the state. You can find drug treatment programs in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville or Fort Lauderdale. Every location contains a number of programs… Continue reading

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