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60 Day Rehab

For many people that are recovering addicts, some treatments facilities have a 60-day rehabilitation program. While one may think this is a brief time for recovery, the treatment program involved is fully organized. It works due to the fact the abuser stays in the center… Continue reading

Help From Holistic Drug Recovery

There can be a variety of reasons why an individual gets onto drug addiction. This motive could be as a variety of staying away from one’s problem. It could also be a method of submitting one’s self to peer pressure. It has been believed that… Continue reading

Getting To Know Co Occurring Rehab

One of the disorders that is not very popular is called co occurring disorder. Despite its unpopularity, co occurring disorder is a very serious problem. Just what do we mean when we say co occurring disorder? Co occurring disorder is a condition where in a… Continue reading

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Danger of Alcohol Addiction

A pregnant woman is in a state of vulnerable condition. At this moment, she is hugely of no defense from different variants of toxins and harmful substances. Some of the different substances that might negatively affect the fetus inside the mother’s womb are alcohol, cigarettes,… Continue reading

ALL about Drug Treatment Rehab Programs

The statistics of drug addiction has been increasing every year. In the United States, more than 30% confess to having used drug on a certain point of their life. With these 30%, about 11% are dependent on the substance. There are differences between men and… Continue reading

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