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Drug Abuse Treatment

The constant and unnecessary use of chemical matters to achieve certain effects for the body is what we called drug abuse. These substances may be “street” drugs, illegal due to their great possibility for dependence and abuse. They can also drugs obtained with a prescription,… Continue reading

Psychiatric Disorder

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Some Facts About Treating Depression

Many people may be unaware of this fact, but the fact remains that nearly 12 million people in our country are dealing with some sort of depression. Everyone on the planet has probably woken up depressed at some point or another. But these statistic people… Continue reading

Benefits of a 12 Step Campus

While going to college I have seen first hand how a 12 step campus can benefit a person. While not an alcoholic myself, I have addicts in my family, and my group of friends. One of my closest friends decided to try a 12 step… Continue reading

Methadone Dependency

Drugs are made to provide the human body health benefits. In such a way, doctors prescribe these drugs and patients take these drugs to alleviate their pain and make their conditions better. These drugs do not however provide only benefits. These drugs can help an… Continue reading

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