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Dual Findings

There are cases where circumstances in an individual’s life can make their behaviors problematic that it greatly affects the life they live. There are instances where a certain drug addiction can be a resulting factor of a certain psychiatric disorder. An individual afflicted with an… Continue reading

Bipolar Disorder

Mood disorders are mental disorders characterized by disturbance in one’s mood. The mood disturbance may be severe and may include depression, mania, or hypomania, or any combination of these.

Growing Up with Cocaine

Growing up as a movie producer’s son in the 1980’s was no easy deal. There were no limits to the way we lived. Everyone around me acted like they were going to live forever. But that was probably due to all the cocaine that flowed… Continue reading

Sexual Addiction

Sex addiction is defined as any sexually-related actions connected with compulsivity and obsession. Creating a healthy relationship would be quite hard for a person inflicted with this kind of addiction. The behaviors associated with this addiction interfere with a person’s normal living. Sexual addiction is… Continue reading

The Evolution of the World and its Nation’s Addictions

T.V., the internet, twitter, facebook, alcohol, cigarettes, food, you name it. People are addicted. It is human nature to be addicted. Do we choose our addictions or do they choose us? Is it in our genes? Who knows? But the fact that we are a… Continue reading

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